Halfplanet Press is a truly independent publisher. What that means is we publish stories by humans who are overlooked by other publishers.

It does not matter who you are, where you live, what you believe, who you fall in love with, who you vote for. If your writing expands our minds, makes us laugh, or does both simultaneously, it has a home here.

Life is too short for bickering. Let us tell stories and laugh.

What you will find here

  • Frequent free book giveaways (Free Fiction Friday)

  • Informative Creative Writing tips from our founder Phillip Carter

  • Incredibly rare vintage books

  • Writing classes and live performance events (online and in person)

  • Inspiring poetry and flash fiction

Meet the founder

Phillip is a comedian, science fiction author and poet. He holds a BA and Masters Degree in Creative Writing and has been writing poetry almost daily since he was five years old. He founded and chaired the Writers and Poetics Society of Edge Hill University, starred in Channel 4’s Lego Masters, and invented his own poetic device in 2015. Since then he has taught people how to write as a freelance tutor, wrote for events and weddings, and performed standup comedy to audiences of academics and writers.

If you need anything, just say hi.

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Phillip Carter

With his acerbic wit, masterful control over language, and scientific attention to detail, it makes sense that Phillip Carter would be a comedian and a science fiction author at the same time.